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Bebe Cool Teams Up with Other Artists On Coronavirus Song

Bebe Cool is taking a stance against the coronavirus pandemic through his music with the latest reports suggesting that the 42-year-old is reaching out to various music artists to raise awareness about COVID-19.

The much-anticipated song is to be called Corona Distance and was released days ago to raise awareness about the deadly virus that has been a worldwide problem for months now.

The song features various Ugandan artists like A Pass, John Blaq, Swang Avenue’s Azawi, Vinka, Fresh Kid and his father Fresh Daddy, Bebe Cool’s son Allan Hendrick aka Paper Daddy and many more.

Bebe talks about how the virus is spread in the song and what measures the public can take to prevent it from spreading like washing hands regularly and keeping a safe distance from everyone else.

Bebe Cool to raise awareness about coronavirus through music

As we wait to hear what the song is really all about, fans are excited about the news and have appalled Bebe and the other artists for their efforts in fighting coronavirus.

The Corona Distance song is produced by Ronnie under Sweet Sounds studio and is expected to come out soon.

Download song right here.


Source: Big Eye


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