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Don’t Get Into the Entertainment Industry Without Knowing These 7 Things


With the entertainment industry being tough, breaking in sorely depends on you and how prepared you are. There are many techniques you can use, but here are some of the top techniques to help you break into the entertainment industry.

1. Networking

Networking is necessarily marketing yourself. If you happen to have friends already in the industry, it will be wise to use that opportunity to your advantage. Like any other industry in the world, word of mouth carries a lot of weight in the entertainment industry since most executives and producers always like to work with familiar people or people whom their friends have recommended.

So, whenever you get a chance to attend a dinner or any event about the entertainment industry, make sure that you meet and network with almost everyone because you never know where the opportunity will come from.

Also, remember that when networking, you should respect the personal space of others and respectfully approach them. You need to wait to be introduced to the most influential people rather than charging headfirst.

2. Intern or Volunteer

Most people tend to refer to the internship opportunities in the entertainment industry as an overworked and exploited assistant who works for no pay. What they don’t know is that this is the most suitable position to make an impression on the directors, producers, or even the main acts.

You can also decide to act as a set volunteer; by doing so, you will be among the company of the industry’s major players, and from there, you can impress them with your work ethic and determination or even by showcasing your skills.

By deciding to volunteer or intern in the entertainment industry, you are also exposed to the industry where you get first-hand education on the dos and don’ts of the industry if you want to be a success in the industry.

3. Master Your Craft

To be able to break into the entertainment industry and be successful, you must have mastered your craft to the best of your ability. Whether it’s acting or performing, you have to be a master of your craft since the entertainment industry does not always allow you to learn on the job. Any time you show a lack of mastery in your craft, there goes your opportunity.

4. Always Be Confident

The entertainment industry requires you to be confident and trust in yourself. Being confident is about your ability to get out of your head and stop thinking about past experiences, whether bad or good.

There are many ways to exude confidence, such as the Meisner technique based on the principles of repetition, improvisation, and emotional preparation. It is also important to note that being confident doesn’t necessarily require you to be rude or arrogant. You can be humble and appear confident.

5. Attend Auditions or Talent Shows

Top 7 Techniques to Help You Break into The Entertainment Industry | Spurzine

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Auditions and talent shows offer the best and the surest way for you to break into the entertainment scene. Even when you don’t get the part or win the contest, at least you’ll have the exposure and experience of how to do it better.

Also, you can get pointers and advice from the panel of judges, who have always excelled in the industry, so never see yourself as above participating in auditions or talent shows since most successful entertainers also followed that similar path.

Networking, confidence and mastering your craft are key to breaking into the entertainment industry

6. Get a Good Manager or Agent

Most executives, producers, and directors in the entertainment industry always prefer to deal with managers and agents. Hence, it would be best if you had a good manager or agent when you decide to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

The sole purpose of having an agent is to have someone well-versed in the entertainment industry who will look out for your best interest and put your name forward for any opportunities that may arise.

7. Enroll Yourself in Training Camps or Educational Programs

The entertainment industry is an ever-evolving field that requires you to be up to date with all the changes in the industry. By enrolling in training or educational programs, you get to be prepared for the ups and downs of the industry while also getting to understand the inner workings of the industry.

Also, most trainers tend to have legitimate connections in the industry and can help make an introduction on your behalf. Also, you can add the program to your resume, thus giving you a competitive edge over others.

The entertainment industry is all about patience and never giving up, so if you have your heart set on joining the entertainment industry, keep on trying until you make it. Remember you should always be respectful, humble, and able to take criticism if you want to make it in the entertainment industry.


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