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Bremmy FZ Is Ready to Make an Impact with His Latest Omala Video Release

Boyke Remmy Mulamba musically known as Bremmy FZ is ready to shake up the music industry with his latest video release, ‘Omala’, which embodies a dancehall and afrobeat to it.

The young star has made it his mission to entertain his fans, and its exactly what he does in his latest video release. The Omala video was shot at a colourful location showcasing some of Uganda’s beautiful beach sites.

The song “OMALA” which is Bremmy’s latest outing loosely translates to “You Are Enough” and was produced by Versatile of DizzyDust Records, mixed and mastered by Teiyel. The video was shot in Entebbe on one of the various beaches.

Omala was directed by Chris Kobel from Klamzy Media and Executive Produced by Angelo B and Bremmy FZ himself, which explains the vibe and direction taken by the team in the video.

Omala is Bremmy FZ’s way of saying he is ready to compete

Who is Bremmy FZ?

Boyke Remmy Mulamba aka Bremmy FZ was born on September 11, 1992 and he’s a music artist who is part of FROM ZERO Music group, which is under FromZero, a multimedia company started with his partner Angelo B.

At the age of fifteen, Bremmy joined the church choir where his love for music was further solidified. He acknowledges tough times have had their hold at various points in his life yet he believes the point he began to have a mutual understanding with his soul he discovered peace. He constantly aspires to remain positive in the face of adversity because of his love of music.

Watch the Omala video by Bremmy FZ right here


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