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Top 5 Must-Watch Action Movies Named After Job Professions


Some of you must have noticed a growing number of action movies that have been or were named after job titles or different day-to-day professions which turned out to be kick-ass action-packed films that left the audience wondering whether they should change careers.

From the likes of The Accountant, Beekeeper, and The Bricklayer to mention a few. Movie fans have accepted the new trend, which seems to have gotten the attention of directors and film writers alike. Now we are on a rollercoaster, hoping they could come up with another about a cleaner or a secretary that kills for a living. The ideas are limitless.

Well, enough of that. Here are the top five action movies named after job professions you should add to your watch list this year.

5 Must-Watch Action Movies Named After Job Professions

The Beekeeper (2024)

This one hits differently and the fact that Jason Statham is the lead actor in this action-packed movie, expect nothing less but entertainment. The Beekeeper follows the story of a former “Beekeeper” operative named Adam Clayman (Jason Statham), who goes on a brutal campaign for vengeance to take down some powerful people responsible for scamming people.

The Accountant (2016)

One of those few good movies from the Ben Affleck selection that can not be ignored. Written by Bill Dubuque and starring Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, and J. K. Simmons, The Accountant is another good action movie that follows the story of Christian Wolff (Affleck), a smart certified public accountant with autism who makes his living uncooking the books of criminal and terrorist organizations around the world.

The Bricklayer (2024)

Veteran actors seem to be the perfect choice when it comes to these kinds of job-titled movies, and this is true for Aaron Eckhart, who plays the role of Steve Vail, an intelligent and disobedient ex-CIA agent forced out of retirement to take down a former friend turned renegade. It’s a good watch and we recommend it.

The Courier (2019)

Enough about male lead actors, there is no way we skipping out on this action thriller that stars the amazing Olga Kurylenko, who plays the role of a courier and former special ops soldier who is tasked with delivering a special package to a highly guarded safe roo. But things don’t go as planned and everything goes to hell when the safe room suffers a sudden attack.

The Painter (2024)

This action thriller film is directed by Kimani Ray Smith and written by Brian Buccellato. It stars Charlie Weber, Jon Voight, Marie Avgeropoulos, and Madison Bailey. The story is about an ex-CIA operative turned painter who finds himself thrown back into a dangerous world when a mysterious woman from his past resurfaces. The Painter is an okay movie but honestly, the story is not a well-written story most viewers found the ending very lacking.

Is there a movie you think that deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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