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Low Budget Horror ‘The Wretched’ Topping Box Office During Lockdown


2020 has had some hard hitters at the Box Office but nobody saw it coming when a low-budget horror The Wretched topped the charts for three consecutive weekends in the first half of the year.

Big titles like Bad Boys for Life, starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are still the year’s highest-grossing movies, while Sonic the Hedgehog and any other wide-release titles that came before COVID-19 are no longer the hot topics any more.

According to Variety, The Wretched was the top-grossing movie at the box office over the weekend, and three weekends in a row, leading the way with $85,000 at 21 drive-in movie theatres as North America begins to reopen some of its theatres.

The Wretched, written and directed by Brett Pierce and Drew T Pierce, follows the story of a young boy who makes a shocking discovery about an evil witch within their neighbourhood. It stars John-Paul Howard, Piper Curda, Zarah Mahler, Azie Tesfai and Jamison Jones.

The Wretched brought in about $200,000 worth of ticket sales over the past weekend

The low-budget horror, which first premiered at the 2019 Fantasia International Film Festival, has managed to make its way to the top bringing in a total of $296,954 since launching on May 1.

The film has gathered a lot of positive reviews scoring an impressive rating of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, with some describing it as ‘a chilling supernatural horror.’.

Drive-in movie theatres have become a popular spot for film lovers during the coronavirus pandemic, which could be a driving factor towards the success of The Wretched this year as it joins this week’s 2020 weekly box office hitters alongside movies like Swallow, True History of the Kelly Gang, and Phoenix, Oregon. Your move, No Time to Die.

Watch the trailer for The Wretched below

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