The Best UG Coronavirus Songs 2020 1

The Best UG Coronavirus Songs 2020


As the year 2020 dawned on us, many weren’t expecting to spend it indoors under strict guidelines due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has engulfed the world.

Governments and health agencies are doing their best to contain the situation through different means by informing the public about the deadly coronavirus, and how to keep safe and prevent its spread.

However, others have taken different approaches in combating COVID-19 with one of them being music. Uganda has been one of those countries where music has been an instrumental tool in sensitising the public about the pandemic.

Various music artists like Bobi Wine, Nubian Li, Bebe Cool to mention but a few have taken a stance in spreading the message about the virus through songs and videos.

Below is our compiled list of the best Ugandan coronavirus songs that received a lot of attention including a few other mentions from other countries.

The best Ugandan coronavirus songs

When it comes to Uganda, these were the most influential coronavirus songs that hit the airwaves;

1. Coronavirus Alert – Bobi Wine and Nubian Li

Bobi Wine real names Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and Nubian Li did a marvelous job presenting an informative and yet emotional message through their Coronavirus Alert song.

It was short and precise and highlighted a number of preventive measures in regard to social distancing and maintaining personal hygiene. The song also received international recognition from the likes of BBC and other agencies.

2. Corona Distance – Bebe Cool Featuring All-Stars (Vinka, Azawi, A Pass, John Blaq, Akira, Fresh Kid, Fresh Daddy, Fik Fameica & Paper Daddy)

Bebe Cool alongside a wide selection of music artists decided to come together and do a song about the pandemic. The song is catchy and yet delivers the message about COVDI-19 and its dangers.

The track also clarifies on a number of things people should do to combat the spread of the virus such as social distance, an emergency number set aside for the pandemic, and hand sanitisers.

3. Tusonyiwe – Meseach Semakula

Meseach Semakula did more than just sing about coronavirus in his song Tusonyiwe. In the song, Meseach appeals to God using prayer asking the almighty to save everyone around the world that is having a hard time during the pandemic.

Tusonyiwe does more than just inform the masses but also gives hope to those who had lost it encouraging them to stay positive and believe the situation will come to an end.

4. Corona – Ykee Benda ft All-Stars (King Saha, Joanita Kawalya, B2C, Dre Cali, Feffe Bussi, Myco Ouma, Jose Sax)

Ykee Benda together with another group of artists decided to play their part in the war against Covid-19 by heading to the studio and recording a song about the dangers of the disease.

In the song, Ykee starts off by asking Ugandans to remain calm and not to betray one another but instead work together for a common cause. The track features King Saha, B2C, Joanita Kawalya, and Fefe Busi among others. The song also puts out the message about the virus and how one can easily protect themselves from it.

5. Corona – Spice Diana and Fik Fameica

Spice Diana and Fik Fameica released their own corona song to help inform fans on how to stay safe and prevent COVID-19 from spreading. The Corona song encourages listeners to maintain personal hygiene and to pray for deliverance from the pandemic.

6. Jehovah Shalom Acapella Music Group – Corona Virus

A high school founded acapella group started in 2007 by a group of young girls and boys from Nakaseke SDA Secondary School, also joined the fight against coronavirus by releasing a song dubbed ‘Corona Virus.’

The song asks the public to take precautions set by the Ministry of Health in order to avoid contracting the virus. The Jehovah Shalom Acapella Group was once led by five boys and two girls and now only the boys remain after the girls dropped out.

7. We Say No To Corona – The Uganda Comedians Association

A collection of Uganda’s A-list comedians, under their umbrella association, The Uganda Comedians Association (TUCA), joined hands with talented producer Artin to record a joint Coronavirus song titled, ‘We Say No to Corona.’

The song features comedians like Patriko Mujuuka, Hannington Bujingo, Richard Tuwangye, Alex Muhangi, Godi Godi, Reign, and Agnes Akite among others.

Since the song was by comedians, it’s no surprise that most of them weren’t able to actually sing as good as the usual music artists we know but it was more like a comedy show. Well, in their defense, people need something to keep them a little bit happy and less worried during the ongoing situation and humor is a great healer.

Other notable mentions

Uganda isn’t the only country having songs about coronavirus. Vietnam, Hong Kong and Senegal too have contributed to the awareness drive. Here are our favourite picks;

Vu Dieu Rua Tay – Ghen Co Vy

In Vietnam, the Ministry of Health rewrote the lyrics to the 2017 hit song “Ghen” by Min and Erik — originally about a jealous ex — into a PSA about the coronavirus. The song was renamed “Ghen Cô Vy,” and included entertaining choreography dance moves from dancer Quang Đăng demonstrating the correct way to wash your hands: under the nails, around the thumbs, and between the fingers.

Torn – Natalie Imbruglia (Coronavirus Themed Parody)

Hong Kong performer Kathy Mak released a parody version of the song “Torn,” a 90’s hit by Natalia Imbruglia, where she makes fun of the paranoia resulting from the pandemic. The lyrics of the parody a very funny and infectious :).

Some of the lyrics from the parody include: “I sterilize, I sanitize/ My hands are always freaking dry,” she sings. “There’s just so many things that I can’t touch/ I’m torn.”

Fagaru Ci Coronavirus/Shield Against Coronavirus – Y’en a Marre

Meanwhile, in Senegal, the health ministry has taken things to another level by collaborating with hip-hop collective Y’en a Marre to create a song in French called “Fagaru Ci Coronavirus” or “Shield Against Coronavirus.”

The song which is meant to educate people about the COVID-19 threat, has a video featuring the hip-hop group wearing medical gear and rapping in a hospital.

Of all the songs mentioned above, which one do you think is the best coronavirus song? Let us know through the comment section.

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