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Rahma Pinky Signs 90m Deal With Record Company


After being dumped by Team No Sleep’s Jeff Kiwa, Rahma Pinky is looking forward to a brighter future after the young music artist signed a mega deal with a US company valued at 90 million.

Rahma Pinky, real name Nanyanzi Rahmah is laughing her way to the bank after a US company called The White Lions Umbrella signed her up as part of their record label for a huge offer that topples what TNS could ever dream of.

After TNS cut ties with Sheebah Karungi back in 2021, Jeff Kiwa immediately looked elsewhere picking the likes of Pinky, Sama Sojah and Diamond Oscar to replace his beloved Queen Sheebah who had been a cash cow for him for a long time. However, things didn’t go as planned, as shortly afterwards, Rahma Pinky cut ties with the record label.

Given the history of how Jeff Kiwa manages his artists, it was no surprise that Pinky didn’t last long at the TNS camp not forgetting that she was a young lady that was starting to blossom in the wake of the entertainment industry and didn’t want to be held down by the record label’s strict rules which are said to have led to her cutting ties with Kiwa.

But now that’s water under the bridge with The White Lions Umbrella committing seriously to the young star with an offer no Ugandan artist would dare to refuse. Pinky must be joyed right now after the media and haters went crazy online saying she had been dumped by Jeff Kiwa for defying his rules of not sneaking out, partying in bars and later what led to the final blow in their relationship, inviting men to her apartment. 😯 😀

Joining the industry at the young age of just 17, Rahma Pinky made a name for herself, invading the entertainment industry with a show of force — dropping hits like Picha (featuring Grenade Official), Kirombe Kya Zaabu to mention. Pinky also released a 6-track album titled ‘Seven Teen’ while still under the TNS label in early 2022.

She later joined Swangz Avenue but that didn’t last long either after reports surfaced that the record label had to drop her because of her bad attitude and alcohol abuse tendencies not forgetting the men’s issue too!

Anyway, with the recent signing with The White Lions Umbrella, we hope this time around she gets her act together and focuses on music.


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