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Azawi Has Done It Again: Drops Music Video for “Outside” Track


Azawi this year alone deserves all the recognition as she has been able to keep the vibe flowing nonstop dropping a new music video for her “Outside” track based on this year’s recently released Sankofa album.

As usual, Swangz Avenue – which is known for its colourful well-directed music videos applies the same footprint to the Outside music video, adding a pop of colour, great-looking fashion sense, dance and unique scenery to give the viewer a glimpse into what it means to be outside.

Outside, as the track suggests talks about hanging out with your friends and taking the time to experience the world rather than keeping yourself indoors all day long. Azawi does have a point to make and we approve of her message when she says: “Eh gwe atali sefuliya oba television. Bwovako munyumba onaffa“, which closely translates as, “You, who is not a saucepan or television. If you left your house would you die?

The music video was released two hours ago and has already gathered 2,000 views so far, and we anticipate the number will grow bigger as the days go by. Check out the Outside video below.

Azawi – Outside

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