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Recho Rey Is The Best Rapper In Uganda In 2019


Recho Rey, a young rapper fusing lugaflow and modern hiphop with trends such as pop and dancehall has taken the Ugandan music scene by storm. She might just even be the best rapper on the scene right now.

Many other hiphop artists and enthusiasts may not want to admit it right now, but she is now the best rapper in Uganda. Who doesn’t know Recho Rey? Who doesn’t know her songs like “Guma Bakunyige”, “Who Is She?” or “Cheating”?

I know, right now some of you are fuming because in your mind, your dropping names like Feffe Bussi, Mun G, Big Tril, Gravity and others; but let’s be honest, when was the last time those guys dropped hit after hit and it even felt close to crashing bars, charts and making you remember it days after.

Okay, Feffe Bussi and Big Tril aren’t bad, they are still around in the industry. Navio, took a sabbatical, we don’t know what Mun G is really singing now, is what Gravity sings even considered hiphop though?

Anyway, back to Recho Rey, this chic is game like her other alter ego, mbu “Black Girl Fly”. Kyo kitufu, her music is fly. You listen to her lyrics and you can relate, they are also enjoyable, which is something most musicians lack today.

We are naming her the best rapper, not simply for her talent but because she is hardworking too. How many songs has she even made that sucked? We usually have a problem, most people in the industry are quick to offer criticism to upcoming artists, they discourage them and put them down especially if they perceive them as a threat.

Recho Rey has more than 3 songs on the current top charts online and radio, she is doing collabos with several artists right now and that is all great. We actually see the talent; the real question is whether she will maintain her current momentum.

Recho Rey has the potential to go on and reign on African charts (if there is still such a thing), she should start shifting her focus and even aim for the top billboard charts like Wizkid did.

But, briefly, who is Recho Rey?

She is Racheal Mirembe, around 19 years old now hailing from around Mutungo. She officially launched her music career in her vacation in 2018 when she was just 18 years old after she dropped “Who Is She” in reply to Feffe Bussi’s “Who is Who”.

What started as a dare from her friends whilst strolling in Kyaliwajala, launched the former member of the high school group Alliance (not Alliance Global) to fame after less than 4 hours in studio. She is currently signed to Invaders Music.

We wish her the best and hope she keeps it up, no rapper usually maintains the crown for long in Uganda. Ask GNL Zamba…


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