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7 Certifications That Will Benefit the People Around You


Often, people aim to gain professional skills that will improve their chances of success in their careers. Careers are an essential part of life, but it will be more fulfilling if you learn a skill that will benefit society. The following are seven certifications that will help the people around you.

1. First Aid Certification

First aid skills are not only a great addition to your resume but improve the lives of people around you. These individuals could be friends, workmates, loved ones, or any member of your community. You never know when an accident could occur or when someone could need CPR.

In this case, your first aid skills could enable you to save the life of anyone around you that requires immediate medical assistance.

2. Language Certification

You must have been in a situation where the language barrier was a huge problem. It happens more than once, and you wish you could speak the other person’s language. It could have been work-related, or you were trying to help a stranger find directions.

Regardless of the reason, learning a second language is essential in our current diverse societies. It will help you communicate better and improve your relationship with people of different cultures.

3. Parenting Coach Certification

Many people assume that parenting comes naturally, which is not always the case. Most people learn parenting through observation or guidance from close friends and family. If you take a parenting coach certification class, you are guaranteed to learn incredible parenting skills.

These skills could be passed down to future parents in your family or friends. You could also share these skills with expecting parents in your community. You may help them prepare for this exciting yet challenging journey toward becoming parents.

4. Notary Public Certification

You might have experienced the urgency to certify a document, but it costs you lots of time to get it done. Getting a notary public certification will allow you to save on such time, and it will also come in handy for the people around you.

The certification is also appealing to most employers. A notary class allows you to notarize essential documents. You also get to learn other critical skills that will benefit your friends or loved ones.

5. Leadership and Management Certificate

Leadership and management don’t always apply to running a successful business. Leadership is also essential at home or within your community. If you have proper leadership and management skills, you could take charge of critical community projects. Also, these skills could enable you to improve your communication with members of your community.

You may even get to negotiate or solve conflicts between community members. Most importantly, you can pass down these skills to your children, other young members, or your extended family.

6. Software Certification

Almost everyone is aware of the significance of computer and software literacy in the current society. People can obtain several software certifications depending on their career field. Find a course that relates to your field and proceed to start the relevant classes.

You could be in customer service, marketing, or analyst, but software certification remains relevant. An in-depth understanding of the software you use will allow you to improve efficiency and save on time.

7. Marketing Certification

Like leadership and management, getting a marketing certificate will play a significant role in improving your productivity. You could be able to increase the awareness of a potential community project.

Also, friends and family could come to you for advice regarding startups or other projects that could improve life in your community. Not every marketing skill should be for profit. You can always use your knowledge and skills to better your community.

Consider A Trade School

Another significant certification to consider would be skilled trade. It is a wide profession that puts you in a position to use your hands to provide a service. For example, you may get the knowledge to service an HVAC. You could also learn carpentry or welding skills. These are standard services that are necessary for your home or community.


These are seven certifications that are likely to benefit the people around you. Also, it doesn’t mean that you limit your capacity to these seven options. You could consider other excellent certifications like project management. It will provide you with essential skills that will come in handy in-home or communal projects.


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