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The Booze Menu: 7 Bottles to Keep the Good Vibes Flowing


For hosts looking to stock their bars with bottles of standout drinks or indulgent fans aiming to elevate their home mixology, we have you covered with a list of must-have spirits. These choices aren’t just top-shelf in quality; they also promise to elevate flavours and fun on any occasion! Here’s your ultimate shopping list with options to suit a range of palates and preferences.

Aged Whiskey

There’s an undeniable charm in the warm, oaky notes of well-aged whiskey bottles. Whether you prefer a robust bourbon, a smoky scotch, or a delicate Japanese single malt, no spirits collection is complete without this classic. Look for words like “15-year-aged” or “single cask” for a truly special drink. Brands like Macallan and Pappy Van Winkle embody the smooth sophistication that resonates with aficionados and novices alike.


Vodka’s neutral flavour profile makes it one of the most versatile base spirits in the cocktail kingdom. From the timeless Martini to trending infusions, good bottles of vodka are a must-have. Opt for a premium Polish or Russian grain vodka for a silky, clean taste that’s perfect for sipping solo, too. For ease and quality, you can even buy vodka from renowned distilleries that offer home delivery.


Rum’s robust spirit can transport you to the Caribbean with just one sip. Dark and spiced rums are fantastic for rich, wintery cocktails, while a light añejo or a silky coconut rum screams summer in every pour. Appleton Estate and Ron Zacapa offer a rich, aromatic experience that’s equally enjoyable on the rocks or as the heart of a tropical concoction.

Tequila or Mezcal

No longer known only for shots and margaritas, tequila and its smoky cousin, mezcal, are stars in a variety of cocktails. Think beyond the golden slush and explore the herbaceous, earthy profile of a good reposado or an anejo. A brand like Casamigos or a traditional, artisanal mezcal can lift the most mundane gathering with a touch of vibrant Mexican flair.


Gin lovers know that this spirit is about more than just gin and tonics. With the renaissance of craft gins, the range of botanicals and flavours is truly staggering. Look for gins with locally sourced botanicals or small-batch distilleries for a unique, artisanal edge that can transform classic cocktails. If you’re stuck in a rut, purchase gin online from speciality shops to find rare or exotic gins that won’t be in your local store.

Craft Liqueurs

Craft liqueurs are the heroes of mixing, providing that splash of depth and sweetness that can turn a good cocktail into a great one. From the bittersweet complexity of Aperol to the velvety richness of Chambord, a small lineup of high-quality, artisanal liqueurs ensures there’s a perfect companion for nearly every spirit in your cabinet.

Something Sparkling

No bar is fully stocked without a bottle that’s made for toasting. A high-quality champagne or sparkling wine from a respected vineyard isn’t just for special occasions. It’s essential for those impromptu celebrations or the mood-lifting French 75. Ensure your bottle is chilled and at the ready because you never know when that next moment of joy will strike.

By curating your spirits collection with these seven bottles, you’re arming yourself with the right tools to craft impressive cocktails and savour the satisfaction of a well-stocked bar! Remember, every collection is a reflection of personal taste and style, so enjoy the process of selecting your spirits, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new flavours and brands.

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