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Do You Know the Benefits of Sex?


How much do you know about sex? Banging is awesome, that is why we give it so many corny and naughty names. Other than for pleasure, sex has a lot of benefits, you might know some but the ones on this list will blow your mind.

1. Sex boosts libido.

Pleasure is thrilling, the feeling is great. Let’s face it most of us love those orgasms, getting down on the sheets will help increase your desire, combat pain & even over time it reduces vaginal dryness.

With all the excitement and thrusts, your body pumps a lot of blood flow down to the nether region which is good for your health.

2. Lowers stress and risk of high blood pressure.

Sex is one of the best ways of lowering high blood pressure according to studies. Despite the increase in your heart rate during intercourse, sex is seen as a mild exercise that keeps your body in check and your heart at its best game.

It is a great stress reliever because of all the intimacy such as the emotions, touching and feel-good hormones that keep us calm.

3. Intercourse is a form of exercise.

Like I mentioned before, sex is like some physical activity that increases your heart rate and uses much of your body’s muscles thus burning fat and getting you in shape. Especially if you get a kinky and active partner who explores the doggy, the 69 or those other bu Kamasutra poses.

I’m not saying ditch your gym membership or go on a cat and mouse rampage, but just letting you know that even an hour of “dancing” a day can do wonders!

4. Pain relief.

Natural Panadol if you ask me. Some pains are harder to bear than others, such as all-day headaches or migraines, menstrual cramps and even Arthritis (joint pains) but sex and orgasms will temporarily at times permanently take it all away.

But how? Endorphins, the hormones released by your body to numb pain – they are released in plenty during sex. Some of you are disgusted or feel puzzled cause I mentioned cramps, it wasn’t an error, sex relieves cramps. It is just that it is a mess and we have been raised to see it as taboo.

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5. Reduces risk of prostate cancer

Men who cum (ejaculate) a lot often have lesser chances of getting Prostate cancer than those who don’t.

Doctors advise regular ejaculations through intercourse, masturbation or even wet dreams. Ladies let your man dream of these things, it might help him leave longer.

6. Sex improves intimacy & strengthens relationships

Sometimes it may be right to starve your partner a little, but other times it will just draw them further from you as they fight with their urges or find them elsewhere.

Orgasms stimulate the release of a hormone called Oxytocin, the “love hormone” as it is known by some which help people bond. Oxytocin builds feelings of love and trust improving your relationship.

There are so many advantages of having regular sex that I’ve missed out mostly because I want you to partake in an adventure with your partner to uncover those hidden treasures, let him or she explore the Pacific and then give him the whole buffet.

Have some of your thoughts or advice? You’re welcome to share.


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