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This Is What Your Butt Shape Says About Your Health


You would be surprised to know what the size and shape of your butt reveal about your health in general. Though, many people tend to believe that the more fat you have around your buttocks, the bad is it for your health, which is not always true.

One should note that the human body has its way of dealing with fat, and it knows where to store it. For women, the hormones dictate that fat will be stored in the butt and that way they protect the hearth.

Statistics have shown that those with bigger bums have lower levels of cholesterol and their body is producing more hormones to process sugar. So, having a bigger or smaller butt than the others could be a good thing in some cases.

Apart from our butt shapes being used as a critic to reveal more about our health, a buttock or simply put, an ass is a very important aspect of our body. Irrespective of its shape and size, it’s what we use to sit, at times make that smelly fart or depending on size, it could be the attractive feature that draws your perfect mate closer.

However, when it comes to butt shapes, it turns out that the different types can reveal a lot about the state of their owners’ health.

What do our butt shapes say about our health?

1. V-shaped or inverted

A V-shaped or inverted butt is commonly found in older women which is due to hormonal changes. Changes in hormone levels and decreased levels of collagen mean the usually thick portion of a backside goes walkabout.

If your bum looks like this, try having more protein in your diet, along with a multivitamin and exercise. Don’t wait to start having a healthy diet or exercising because you put yourself at risk of having heart disease due to the fat that comes from the other parts with age.

This Is What Your Butt Shape Says About Your Health | Spurzine
V-shaped or inverted bum. (Image by | Spurzine

2. Square or H-shaped

The square-shaped butt usually has fat distributed around the upper part of the glutes, and the bottom part is heavier. It also means that she or he doesn’t have a hard butt which is why the glutes need to be strengthened, and a low-fat diet is taken into consideration.

This shape can also mean that you are stress-resistant and have a stable immune system. It might also mean the person regularly exercises from time to time. Simple exercises like jumping squats and step-ups can help remove unwanted fat from certain areas making it look better and feel stronger. Typically, these asses are found in more muscular individuals.

This Is What Your Butt Shape Says About Your Health | Spurzine
Image by | Spurzine

3. Circle or round-shaped

Circles or at times called bubble-shaped butts are almost even all around and round in appearance as well. They resemble a globe and usually complement a slender/slim body. Women with this kind of pelvis shape are said to have an easier time giving birth.

With this shape, the fat is stored in the upper part of the gluteal muscles and not on the sides like in the square shape. Circle-shaped butts indicate good health but are more prone to develop cellulite deposits.

This Is What Your Butt Shape Says About Your Health | Spurzine
Round or circle-shaped buttock. | Spurzine

4. Heart-shaped

This is one of the most desired butt shapes. Many women dream of it while men a drawn to it as a favourable attractive shape. The heart shape is a characteristic of an hourglass-shaped body, it’s also a very desired form.

It’s the fullest at the bottom and gets more narrow closer to the waistline. As appealing as it looks, there is a high possibility that the gluteal muscles in this shape will start sagging as you get older. So, you need to work them out consistently or you might end up with huge fatty and saggy bum deposits.

This Is What Your Butt Shape Says About Your Health | Spurzine
Heart-shaped ass Image by | Spurzine

Also, those with this shape tend to gain more weight in the midsection as they age and are more prone to heart disease. So, there is a need to exercise regularly to keep it in shape and size.

So, what is your butt shape? And what do you plan to do about it now that you know what it means?

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