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Personal hygiene is an essential element and a form of discipline anyone and everyone should have and develop. It is often referred to as an act of protecting oneself and others against possible infections of all kinds through practices such as regularly washing your hands or taking a bath.

While within a community or a school, it’s very important you maintain personal hygiene to prevent infections and avoid embarrassment amongst your peers. By that I mean, having smelly armpits or a bad breath will cause discomfort to those around you yet you could avoid this earlier.

Let’s take a moment to review some of the vital aspects that rotate around personal hygiene;

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Vital examples of how one can maintain personal hygiene

The Value of Personal Hygiene - Spur Magazine

Wash your hands regularly

1. Manage your body odour

Body odour is a natural part of human biology; we cannot get rid of it but can keep it from going out of hand.

Body odour is caused by a number of factors such as chemicals in sweat & waste excretions. To avoid having a bad smell it is always advisable to wash your clothes, take a regular bath all of which help prevent bad body odour which inconveniences others.

2. Wash your hands regularly

Most infections are caused due to our failure to wash our hands which carry germs to our mouth and other people.

Our hands and wrists should be washed with clean soap and water then dried with something clean to keep ourselves safe from infections. It’s polite and hygienic to carry a clean hankie with you at all times to wipe sweat or help deal with a wet nose.

3. Dental hygiene

This may sound silly but, a number of people on a daily basis fail to maintain good dental hygiene from time to time. It’s vital to brush your teeth so as to prevent bad breath and also visit your doctor for regular checkups to keep your dental health in check.

Nothing sucks like having a bad breath that causes discomfort to those around you. Try using mouth wash, flavoured chewing gum and also avoid some foods like garlic or onions.

4. Trim your fingernails

You’re not a wild animal and therefore you should trim your nails. Long fingernails are potential areas for dirt collection which in return can bring about serious infections.

Trimming your nails saves you from a lot of problems like stomach upsets that tend to crop up due to long dirty nails.

5. Keep your hair clean

Keeping your hair clean and maintained is a proper form of personal hygiene. Washing your hair and keeping it short helps to prevent the build-up of dandruff and dead cells within the scalp of the head which can lead to bad smell.

No need to look like a wild caveman hunting for food, go ahead and keep your hair clean and free of any unwanted bad odour.

There are other forms of personal hygiene that we haven’t mentioned in this topic but remember you’re your responsibility to ensure that your hygiene is maintained at all costs not just for your case but also for those around you.


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