Midlife Crisis: When Your Life Feels Fucked 1
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Midlife Crisis: When Your Life Feels Fucked

Midlife crisis is described as a normal period during our lifespan where we transition from young to older adults.

Midlife crisis happens to both men and women between the ages of 35 to 55. It is one of those majorly discussed issues that impact many people throughout their livelihood.

Most except a few people manage to go through this crisis without too much trouble but others may struggle to find balance in their life.

During this period, adults evaluate their life achievements, goals and dreams against what they had wished for in the past. Men tend to fixate on their achievements & desire to prove their worth to others while women usually focus on their physical appearance & what they can do after parenting is done.

It is a harsh and troubling moment in anyone’s life, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end. Here are some of the signs of midlife crisis and tips on how to cope with it.

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Signs & symptoms of midlife crisis

Senior adult on the beach with a restored 1967 convertible GTO
Senior adult on the beach with a restored 1967 convertible GTO

Buying expensive stuff

Since adults are trying to look younger & recapture their youth, they tend to spend on expensive things like cars and tech gadgets.

Changes in moods & habits

Those suffering tend to find new schedules and challenges to fit with the rest and also seem very easy to anger. They also make quick erratic decisions without thinking.

Changes in sleeping cycle

The inability to sleep or over sleeping due to spending too much time trying to make sense of the drastic change in life.

Disconnection from old friends

The affected replace their old friends with younger ones so as to feel wanted and young.

Thoughts & fear of death

Those going through midlife crisis think a lot about their mortality which leads to obsession and later depression.

Other signs may include severe depression and sudden change in careers due to the need to feel wanted and useful.

How to cope with midlife crisis

  • Acknowledge the crisis; this helps to move forward and the let the past be the past.
  • Get help from professionals; talk to a therapist to help you deal with the crisis through therapy and medication where needed.
  • Don’t make rush decisions & changes; even though you’re facing a tough time, it’s wise to think before making any radical changes. Talk to a friend or family to help you cope with the crisis.
  • Try new activities; get out of your comfort zone and try out new things. Engage in a sport or hobby and let your mind find peace and solace.
  • Exercise and choose a healthy diet; taking part in daily exercise can help a lot in dealing with the situation and also healthy foods often boost your body & soul.
  • Seek comfort with family & friends; these are the people who understand you and have been there for you. Take time to talk to your family & friends, they will offer guidance and comfort.

Midlife crisis continues and will always be a common problem among the young and old alike today. It shouldn’t derail you from your happiness and it is always advisable to accept the situation so as to move on with your life. Seek help, talk to family & friends and find new activities to take part in.

Don’t let the past and the present changes bring you down but embrace them with open arms and live a full filling life.

Midlife Crisis: When Your Life Feels Fucked 2

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