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Moving Checklist: 15 Things You Need to Remember


Although moving can be a very stressful and intense experience, with the right amount of preparation and planning, it’s possible to have a very easy and effective transition. If you follow these suggestions, your relocation should go smoothly.

Moving to a new home is an exciting adventure, but it also comes with a lot of stress and uncertainty. In order to ensure that you don’t leave anything behind on moving day, these are a few reminders to keep in mind that will make it a smooth and easier experience:

Before You Move

1. Notify Your Landlord or Real Estate Agent

Let your homeowner or Realtor know. Notify your landlord or real estate agent that you’ll soon be moving out. Before giving or receiving any notice, it’s important to check your lease for any applicable requirements and deadlines.

2. Make a Call to the Power Company

Contact your current electricity, gas, water, and internet providers to schedule a disconnect. Before your arrival, contact the utility companies in your new area to set up service reconnections. Verify with your current utility providers that you have received a final bill and have made arrangements to pay it.

3. Update Your New Address

Informing your bank, insurance company, and the post office of your current location is essential. Verify that your mail is being forwarded to your new address. Discontinue any memberships or mailing lists that are associated with your current address.

4. Transfer Your Children’s School Records

Your children’s academic records can be transferred. Ensure your kids’ records make it to their new school by contacting their old one. Enrol your kids in a new school if you feel it’s necessary. Find out about the schools in your new area and arrange to tour some that interest you.

5. Contact the Movers

Potentially, you’ll need the services of movers in order to relocate your belongings. For your car, you might want to hire a car mover for car transport to Texas or wherever you’re moving to, depending on how far of a drive it is.

6. Start Putting Away Your Extra Stuff

It’s time to start putting away seasonal clothing and holiday decorations that you rarely use. Packing containers should have their contents and destination identified with labels.

When Moving Day Comes

Depending on your personality, moving day can be both exciting and stressful. A successful move benefits everyone involved when it is well-organized and carried out. On the day of the move, there are a few things you should remember.

1. Proper Labeling and Packaging Are Requirements

Seal the boxes with sturdy tape if you want to keep your valuables safe from theft or damage during shipping. If you want to simplify unpacking and organizing your boxes, try giving them different colours.

2. Perform a Last Inspection of Your Former House

Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything by checking every room, closet, and drawer. If you’re moving, don’t forget to leave a note with your new address for the new tenants.

3. Verify Twice That the Power Is Off at the Mains

Please disable your lights, television, and any other electronic devices. Be sure the thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature or turned off. If you want to stop leaks or damage from happening, turn off the main water valve.

4. Close and Lock Every Window and Door

If you want to ensure your previous home is secure, lock all the doors and windows. Please give your homeowner or property manager back your keys. Don’t let the move cause you to lose track of any paperwork or valuables. Conclude your time in your previous house with a tearful farewell. Document your old house and all the good times you had there with photographs or a video.

Once You’ve Completed Your Transfer

Moving Checklist: 15 Things You Need to Remember | Spurzine

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After having relocated into your new home, there are a few things you can do to settle in more quickly and make yourself more comfortable. After the relocation, remember the following.

1. It’s Best to Start Unpacking the Necessities

The most fundamental items, such as bedding and kitchenware, should be put away. Make yourself at ease in your new place by setting the furniture to your liking. Please take your time unpacking and enjoying your stay.

2. Changing Your Address or Phone Number

Informing your bank, insurance company, and the post office of your current location is essential. Verify that your mail is being forwarded to your new location. You must keep your employer and other groups in which you are involved informed of your current contact information.

3. Sign Up For Updated Services Today

Sign up for new utilities like water, gas, internet, and electricity. Find out about your neighbourhood’s fitness centre, public library, or community centre offerings, and sign up for membership. Think about filling out a voter registration form in your new area if applicable.

4. Explore Your New Neighbourhood

Visit your new area on foot or by car and get to know it better. Find out about the places to eat and sights to see in the neighbourhood and spend some time there. You can meet new people and get involved in your new community by attending community events or joining a local group.

5. Prepare Your New House for Occupation

Sort out your stuff so that it is functional in your new home. Irrelevant or outdated possessions should be given away or sold. Put some personal touches on your new digs by adorning them with pictures, artwork, and plants.


The last item on your moving checklist has been completed! By following these guidelines, you’ll make your relocation as easy and stress-free as possible. Successful relocation requires careful planning and organization, regardless of whether you’re moving across town or the country.


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