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5 Popular Sex Positions to Spice Up Your Relationship and Make It Less Boring


We live in a new age where relationships are always evolving, taking on different forms and meanings. While others are being made, some are coming to an end which could result from many factors. However, physical intimacy is one of the most important things that has come to define a relationship.

For any relationship to thrive, there has to be communication, trust, and an emotional connection that brings two people together and holds them together for ages. Though these are important, physical intimacy more so sex, can not be downplayed as it contributes to a healthy relationship.

Chatting with your partner about your preferences and being attentive to each other’s needs is crucial if you want your relationship to survive, with your sexual needs being one of them. That’s why we are sharing some good tips with you today about which sex positions you and your partner should be trying out to keep the fire of intimacy burning.

1. Cowgirl

We are not talking about girls that are cows here [pun intended]. The cowgirl sex position surely has its fans and those who prefer to use it from time to time. Oftentimes considered as the “lazy sex exhibit,” the tactic has some benefits to it as it gives her almost complete control when it comes to penetration, deep grinding and stimulation – taking away your ability to thrust vigorously as you want. Another good thing about this sex position is that it can done in reverse too, or as we come to know it, “reverse cowgirl.”

2. Spooning

There are no spoons involved here and you won’t need to worry about getting too technical. The spooning sex position is rather quite easy as it requires both of you to lie on each other sides with the man’s front pressing against her back hence a spooning cuddle position. After that, she should separate her legs a little allowing you to penetrate her from behind.

While the spooning sex position doesn’t give you enough room to bring out those nice long deep strokes, it instead allows you to make short strokes that target her G-spot, making it a great experience for her. Remember, it’s about paying attention to each other’s sexual preferences that spice up your sex life and relationship therefore, if you’re very selfish then this isn’t the right one for you.

3. Legs over shoulders

This move isn’t for those who are not fit enough to lift the lady’s legs over their shoulders or find themselves having knee and back issues but if done right, it’s one of those good sex positions that allow the guy to hit the right corners while enjoying the view at the same time. It’s a good move for newlyweds and allows both of you to explore a wild and fun side of things.

4. Doggy style

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We don’t need to explain much on this one since we believe it is as simple as it gets. There’s a rumour or myth that humans copied it from man’s best friend after they got a glimpse of how they make puppies and it’s also the reason why cats tend to hide as they didn’t want us finding out about their love-making business.

Jokes aside, the lazy dog or doggy style as it is often called is regarded as an “end of sex” position since it gives the man control over how he thrusts and how deep he can go depending on how the lady is positioned not forgetting that great view from the back.

You can think of this style as an improved version of missionary just that this time around, your partner is flipped over with her face-down. It is also usually difficult to last long when using the doggy style for the first time but it surely gets things done. Take note that there is usually a challenge when it comes to getting the positioning of your partner’s knees and hips at the right angle, which can be a strain for some women.

5. Face to face

This sex position is for couples looking for that deep face-to-face intimacy. In this sex position, the couple sits opposite of each other and then the woman slides into the man’s lap and sits on top of him. After that, the woman joins her legs behind him, with the man putting his feet together to provide a kind of cradle for the lady. It’s a great style for those couples wanting to make eye contact with each other during sex and can also be done in the bathtub if it’s wide enough.

Everyone has their own preferred sex positions and don’t be afraid or too rigid to change them now and then depending on what works best for the both of you. Sometimes even the simplest moves like the traditional missionary can do the trick depending on the angles of approach. Remember, don’t try anything too ambitious and difficult that could ruin your imitate experience.

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