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5 Ways You Can Save Money When Changing Your Roof


Redoing your roof is one of the best investments you can make for your home. In the long run, it will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in energy costs and may add value to your house. But before you embark on such a costly project, it’s important to research and learn what you need to know before getting started. Here are 5 things you should know:

1. Shop Around

Shopping around is the best way to find a good deal. However, doing your research will help you save money by narrowing down a list of roofing companies that meet your guidelines. These factors should be taken into consideration when you find a roofing company:

a) Warranty – You want a warranty that covers at least five years. Ask for at least ten years on rubber and 15 years on metal roofs.

b) Clearance – You should be able to drive an average-sized car under the roof.

c) Safety – Most roofs come with a lifetime warranty against leaks, but some come with a 5-year full guarantee.

d) Costs – You want to determine how much the contractor will charge you upfront.

e) Location – Ask the contractor where they’re located to ensure you’re getting a good deal. You may want to go with a company in the area where you live so that they can easily reach your house if there’s an emergency.

2. Remove the Old Roof

One of the best ways to prevent leaks is to strip away your old roof. Start by removing everything under the shingles, but make sure you wear gloves, so you don’t get any slivers in your hands. Also, remove all flashing or pipes under the shingles and look for areas where water may be seeping in.

You can contact a professional who can help locate the source of leaks if you’re having trouble finding them yourself. Watch out for nails and other debris while cleaning under the roof. For maximum peace of mind, hire a professional roofer to come in and enjoy an effective clean.

Don’t think this step is just time-consuming or expensive; it can also be dangerous if done wrong. Roofing companies are experts at safely removing old roofs; hiring one to do this step is recommended instead of trying to do it on your own.

3. Hire a Roofing Contractor

5 Things You Must Know Before Changing Your Roof | Spurzine

The first step in replacing your roof is to choose a contractor. To do this, ask for recommendations, get at least 2 or 3 estimates from different companies, and then compare the pricing per square foot. You can also check out reviews on Google, Yelp, etc., to help you choose the best company.

Make sure you’re getting everything in writing with warranties and clearly defined estimates so that you know exactly what you will be paying for. For example, if you are living in Texas, you can contact a Georgetown roofing contractor who will be ready to show you a sample of their work and a more in-depth list of things to consider when replacing your roof.

You may want to choose a company that has been insuring the same area for several years or one that has professional references from previous customers. Play it safe and ask for references from past clients who have had the same roof replaced by them before. Also, don’t hesitate to ask about their warranty and what it covers.

4. Ensure the Contractor is Licensed

Before you go with your contractor, ask to see the certificate of compliance from the city or county as proof of their good character. Also, ask if they will do the job themselves or subcontract someone else.

Finally, make sure that you’re getting what you’ve paid for by getting an estimate in writing with the exact details before starting. In the beginning, you may be able to get a little discount if you agree to start right away.

5. DIY

If you like to do the work yourself, you can always contact contractors and find out how much it will cost to discard your old roof. You don’t need a professional, but it can be risky if you’re unsure about what you’re doing. You may save some money but put an order in writing first to ensure they followed your instructions exactly.


A roof is a significant feature of a house that can safeguard your home from rain and other weather. A well-maintained roof keeps the interior of your house clean and dry. In addition, it can also protect your house from loads of damage caused by hail, rain, and snow.

However, to prevent water damage, leaks, and other damage on your roof, you must ensure that it has been built according to all the required specifications.


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