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Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool New Beef Over Dizzy Nuts

Lugambo on the streets is that Bebe Cool has snatched Firebase’s Dizzy Nuts Ggaliwango, once famed Ragga and Dance artist.

Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine have been beefing for longer than can be remembered although Bobi wine claims that the two just don’t agree on some essential points and that’s why the Ghetto President doesn’t connect with the Gagamel President.

However, Bebe Cool says that Bobi Wine is too narrow and local, he cannot be close to him!

The Dizzy Nuts fiasco was confirmed when Bebe Cool reconciled with Dizzy Nuts who had deflected from his crew to Bobi’s crew some years ago.

This took place at Pool Nest bar in Kireka where Bebe Cool was performing, Dizzy Nuts took the stage and later denounced Bobi Wine, leaving most puzzled.


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Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool New Beef Over Dizzy Nuts 1

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