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The Mic That Almost Got Cardi B Into Trouble Goes Up for Auction


After the rapper found herself in a lawsuit, facing serious charges for endangering another person after she threw a mic at the fan who threw drinks at her, things have taken a plot twist with the same microphone now placed at an auction. According to TMZ, the same mic, which was originally bought for $1000, is currently up for auction on eBay.

The microphone, which began at a starting price of $500 shot up to a crazy figure of $94,900 on 4 August 2023, according to reports by Yahoo. As of now, the mic

The flying mic was listed on the site by Scott Fisher, whose company provides audio support for most of the major nightclubs in Vegas. He told TMZ that “it was pretty easy to track down the mic after the show because the white tape across the bottom of it says, ‘MAIN'”.

It reportedly still works. He said the proceeds will be split between two charities: the Wounded Warrior Project and a local Las Vegas charity called Friendship Circle Las Vegas, which caters to teens and young adults with special needs.

The rapper hurled the mic at a fan who threw iced water on her during her performance at the nightclub, and it reportedly hit two people instead of one. As a result of this, one of the women has pressed charges against her. Later on, it was revealed that the reason the concertgoer poured water on her was because the singer requested that her attendees do so. After all, the weather was scorching hot.


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