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Diamond Platnumz & Ali Kiba Beef Gets Hotter

Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba are throwing shade at each other as their beef battle intensifies further according to sources.

The two artists have been rivals for while and its known that they don’t see eye to eye. The reason behind this beef started when Platnumz and Kiba had a collabo that didn’t go well and since then they have hated each other since.

Diamond recently released a new song, “Fresh” where he attacks Kiba. In the song, Diamond urges the public to stop comparing him to Ali Kiba whom he refers to as Cinderella as they are on different levels.

“Ukinichukia sikosi hela hivyo kwangu sio kesi kuni-comare na Cinderella haiwezi kuwa fresh. Simba kutoka mbuga ya Tandale” He says in the lyrics.

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The Fresh song has Rayvanny and FidQ, as collaborating artists alongside Diamond. Ali Kiba who wasn’t pleased with the song fired back with insults through his Twitter.

I know that you hate me 100% but I give ZERO F**ks #KingKiba” and “The KING ll always Be a KING. je Umeshakitandika nilale MALKIA wangu wa nguvu ?? #KingKiba

The beef between these two has taken a new twist and we ain’t expecting it to end anytime soon. Fans all over are talking about it and think it’s time Platnumz and Kiba buried the hatchet.

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