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Diamond Platnumz Wants A Collabo with Rihanna


Tanzanian bongo-flava music artist Diamond Platnumz has opened up about his desire and wishes to have a collaboration with American singer and beauty business billionaire Rihanna.

The WCB Wasafi President expressed his willingness to work with Rihanna on a song if given an opportunity. Something Platnumz has been wanting to do for a while now.

According to Pulse, Platnumz always admired Rihanna for her talent and during his tour, he openly talked about wanting to work with bad girl Riri on a project during an interview.

Speaking in an interview with BBC during his ongoing UK media tour, Chibu Dangote said that he has always admired Rihanna’s exceptional talent and work ethic, adding that having her on a collaborative project will be a big win for him. He added that his team is already in talks with the Diamonds hitmaker to try a secure a collaboration with her for his upcoming studio album.

“Ningependa kufanya kazi na Rihanna nahisi itakuwa ni ngoma kali sana, kama sio kwenye album hii basi album yangu inayofuata, tumeshaongea na Rihanna na timu yake na kila kitu kipo sawa, kwa mambo yanayoendelea kwa Rihanna sasa, inaweza ikafanya akawepo kwenye album hii au ijayo

“I will have to go with Rihanna, for some reason I feel like we could have a masterpiece and hopefully if it’s not in this album then my next album. All the plans are underway but with everything going on right now probably in the next album,” Diamond Platnumz shared.

According to Capital Xtra, Riri charges $1,000,000 for a collaborative project – on the minimum. Meanwhile, rapper Snoop Dogg – who was spotted in the studio with Platnumz last year revealed that he charges $250,000 for 16 bars on a song.

“It will cost you $250,000 for about 16 bars and when it’s time to do the video I need to get another $250,000 and I only give an hour for the video shoot,” Snoop Dogg said.

Diamond Platnumz Wants to Work with Rihanna

Looking back, Platnumz has managed to collaborate with some of the biggest music artists in the business such as Ne-Yo, Rick Ross, Alicia Keys and Omarion. He also hinted at working with Busta Rhymes, Swae Lee, Wiz Khalifa, Akon, Swizz Beatz and Kanye West’s Manager Bu Thiam.

Seeing his collab history, he may be able to pull it off with Rihanna but since reports state that Riri’s minimum is $1,000,000, one would have to wonder where the WCB Wasafi President will be able to source such an amount of cash and whether he is willing to spend that much.

On Wednesday, Diamond held a listening party for the 12-track EP that has two songs, “Mtasubiri” and “Fine”, which are among the trending songs in the top 10 in Kenya.

In an interview with the BBC, Diamond disclosed his team had reached out to managers of the heavily pregnant Rihanna to discuss the possibility of collaborating on a project.

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With Rihanna currently expecting a baby, it’s too soon to tell whether the collabo will be greenlighted by both sides. However, time will tell. “With the Rihanna situation at the moment, she could still feature on my current album but my best bet would be on my next album,” Platnumz said in the interview.

Meanwhile, Riri is readying herself to release her ninth studio album, R9, which she has been touting for the last four years. She has not released a new single in that time either.

Some US publications have reported that Rihanna plans to end the wait by dropping the album once she delivers her child. It will be her first reggae album, a tribute to her Caribbean roots.


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