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Editors and Video Directors at Swangz Avenue Not Happy with Peanut Salaries

Swangz Avenue has come under attack as we have received reports coming from within its circles suggesting that the productions company is underpaying its staff more so the editors and video directors.
The scoop was picked up by our team after we received emails from one of the editors within Swangz Avenue who claims they are being underpaid yet they have a lot to offer on the table for the kind of work they do for the company.
According to the source, Editors and Video directors are the ones who make Swangz Avenue what it is but they have been undervalued and it’s not fair at all.
“Swangz Avenue is just space, good Editors and Video directors are the ones who make it be what it is,” says Hilary Je the video director of Vinka‘s Red Card music video.
According to the source, the company pays UGX 500,000 ($137)  per month to an in-house editor which is considered very low. ‘Swangz Avenue is a user’, says Hilary Je which literally means they’re being exploited.
We are yet to confirm these reports, however, this is not the first time such lugambo has surfaced. For years, information has often leaked out suggesting the recording studio doesn’t offer the expected wages to its staff and also has been known for cheating out music artists through unfair contracts.
Cyclone Times also revealed the same reports in March after they received information from within the camp that their editors and video directors weren’t happy.

Swangz Avenue is ‘just space’ says Hilary Je

“Swangz loads you with heavy and restless work every day from 1st to 30th then after you get your 500K pay at the end of the month. You do heavy works like animations, motion graphics, editing events and music videos and recording behind the scenes, on a daily basis and at the end of the month you earn your 500k. Let’s say on this 500k salary if you take off rent 250k remaining 250k.” Je says.
“When it comes to working, as an editor you can never develop yourself while at Swangz Avenue” added Hilary Je. After “Aaronarie on set” leaving the productions company, he was replaced with Hilary Je who also left the company later on.
“500k a month?????? too little, for the work you’re going to do there………..it’s definitely too little,” he adds.
Whether these reports are true or not, Uganda is very well known for underpaying staff and the fact that many workers don’t know their rights and have limited access to information regarding employee benefits and whatnot. It is easy for companies to rob them clean.
Considered to be one of the leading audio and film production houses in the country, Swangz is behind big names like Winnie Nwagi. Awazi and Vinka to mention but a few. The production house is yet to respond to the claims and we are yet to receive any feedback from their PR team.


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