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Goodlyfe Crew Sacks Its Top Four Members


Goodlyfe is going through a hard patch and it has come to our attention that the management fired some of its members recently.

The music group is in turmoil and having inner disputes regarding Bobi Wine. Radio & Weasel, together with the managing board decided to fire four of their top trusted members that is Derrick, Shafick, Amal and Bash.

According to the Chairman of Goodlyfe, the four were fired for supporting Bobi Wine in his upcoming elections by urging people on their Facebook pages to support the Firebase boss by voting for him.

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The post concerning the dismissal of the four read a s below,

“Disappointments will always come in when you don’t expect any from nowhere. Derickiology, Nsubuga Shafik Technics, Goodlyfe Bash Wonder Ug, Bába Âmal Gudlyf dis we r so mch sari…

Rule No.1-Strictly #Radio and #Weasel
No.2-#Team Radio and Weasel
No.3-#Us is first
No.4- #Displine

We expected alot from you… but maybe with God’s plans..we can’t have you anymore.
Respct. much love…

Solmøń Stàrbøss chairman signed.

Mark champion ug mobliser signed..”

These members were all removed from Team Radio and Weasel Whatsapp Group.
Sean Musa Carter

Talk of a dramatic exit done in poor style. The team that was fired was popularly known for promoting Goodlyfe content for over four years and now it’s gone. Won’t this affect the already diminishing Goodlfye crew? Let us know what you think by hitting that comment button.


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