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Jackie Chandiru Comes Out of Hiding After 5 Months


Jackie Chandiru, the former Blue*3 songstress who’s career hit a standstill after a series of battles with drug addiction has made a public appearance with a recent photo release of herself in California.

Jackie Chandiru had been flown to California for treatment last year so as to get better health care in regards to her drug addiction problem and we are pleased to see that the star has returned to her joyful self and beauty.

Chandiru revealed some photos on her Instagram account over the weekend which showed her to be in good health and on a road to recovery which excited many of her fans.

Chandiru seems happy and in good health in the photos she revealed on her Instagram


In 2016, Jackie Chandiru nearly lost her life and was forced to undergo heart surgery

In 2016, Jackie was admitted to Mulago Hospital in critical condition after her body was found with traces of some drug that she could have been using at the time. She later underwent heart surgery so as to save her life at the time of the incident.

A month later during the same year, while at Bunamwaya Rehabilitation Centre, Jackie Chandiru’s state worsened with reports of her previous use of cocaine, GHB and menthol causing life threatening conditions.

The Blu*3 singer’s life went downhill with her marriage crumbling to pieces due to her drug addiction however, looking at her recent photos, there’s hope that she will bounce back to a healthy life and hopefully pick up her music career again too.

In 2002, at the age of 18, Jackie Chandiru joined the Coca-Cola Pop Star Competition where she was one of the winners alongside Lilian Mbabazi and Cindy Sanyu. The three of them then later formed the music trio known as Blu*3 which gained popularity winning the Best Artist/Group from Uganda & Best Music Video from Uganda in the 2005 Kisima Music Awards and the Video of the Year (“Hitaji”) in the 2005 Pearl of Africa Music Awards.

Jackie Chandiru Comes Out of Hiding After 5 Months | Spurzine

A photo of Blue*3 members Lillian Mbabazi (left), Cindy Sanyu (center) and Jackie Chandiru (right) back in the day.

In 2007, she also won in the Video of the Year category with (“Burrn”) at that year’s Pearl of Africa Music Awards.

Spurzine wishes Jackie the best and we hope she returns to the music scene better and bigger than ever before.


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