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You Won’t Believe It But Kanye West Has Spent Over $12 Million On His Presidential Campaign


US rapper Kanye West took a deep dive into his finances recently when he decided to spend around $3 million (UGX 11,238,618,000) of his own money running his fleeting presidential campaign in September this year.

Over the summer, the Gold Digger hitmaker surprised his fans when he announced his candidacy for the US presidential seat as the leader of the ‘Birthday Party’ but has only qualified for the ballot in 12 states and barely registered in the polls.

However, you won’t believe it, as reports from the Federal Election Commission as reported by New York magazine journalist Ben Jacobs, show that the rapper is still spending millions of dollars of his own cash on his bid for the White House seat.

After struggling to collect donations for his presidential campaign, Kanye West took it upon himself to fund his road to the White House using his own money, and he is still doing it with millions of dollars.

“Kanye West just filed his FEC report for September. He spent another $3 million of his own money while raising $2,782 (UGX 10,421,945),” the journalist tweeted.

The new filing brings his total spending to almost $12 million in total, as Jacobs described, writing: “Kanye West has now put in nearly $12 million (UGX 44,954,472,000) to his presidential campaign with an overnight contribution after his FEC report dropped.”

Kanye West is spending millions to keep his presidential campaign alive

The New York magazine journalist further added that: “West has loaned his campaign $9.76 million (£7.49 million) and contributed $2.11 million (£1.62 million) to it. His campaign has raised $17,635 (£13,525) from donors.”

The hip-hop star’s filings show the bulk of his election spending was paid to Fortified Consulting, which according to Jacobs is a Republican Party linked political strategy firm.

The musician has come under fire from Democratic Party figures, who have accused him of acting as a “spoiler candidate” in an attempt to draw younger Black voters away from their candidate, Joe Biden, in key states during his election fight with U.S. President Donald Trump.

We ain’t sure for how long Kanye is willing to keep up with this kind of spending despite signs showing that he ain’t doing so well in the campaigns, but it brings a lot of questions about the hip-hop star, who somehow is capable of dishing out $12 million in a few months alone.

Source: MSN


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