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Rema Namakula Goes Hunting for Muzungu


Rema Namakula is believed to be hunting for a new bae as reports have surfaced about her desire to find another lover while in the UK.

Word on the street claims that the lonely Rema who recently celebrated her birthday all alone without her baby daddy, Eddy Kenzo is trying hard to resist the temptation of jumping onto fresh meat.

The songstress who is currently in the UK doing a gig, is having hard time resisting advances from male fans who want a piece of her.

While on stage doing her performance, a horny fan jumped onto the arena in a daring fashion and proposed to her on spot. There is also another recent incident where a certain white male made his feelings known by singing for her song.

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According to reports, Rema was left dazzled and excited by the muzungu’s advances that she went ahead and posted a video on Instagram of the white male fan miming one of her songs to her. She is now searching for him like crazy wild cat.

The ‘Tikula’ singer captioned the video, “Awww dear… tag this gentleman right here.” Should Kenzo be worried about this? Let’s wait and see if he will react to the video. Stay tuned for more updates.


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