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Sheebah Karungi Opens Up About Her Sex Life


For a long time now, Sheebah Karungi has made it quite impossible for the public to find out who her main driller is, with a few unconfirmed reports pointing to some men as possible matches but all that has been in vain until today.

The TNS singer herself opened up to her fans recently in a social media post claiming how she doesn’t need a man in her life since she ‘self-services’ herself, making her an independent woman.

Sheebah has continuously made it clear on several occasions how ‘no man can satisfy’ her leading many to wonder about what happened to her love life, and who is responsible for hurting her so badly she gave up on relationships based on her past interviews.

The “Empeta” singer’s love life has been shrouded in mystery, with some even claiming that she is bi and plays for both teams. Other unconfirmed reports within her camp also stated that she prefers women to men.

Whether that is true or not, there is no evidence to back it up yet. Sheebah’s love life is still something that remains a hot topic of discussion, and Karungi has done her best to keep that side private.

However, the recent post she made as a reply to a certain fan that asked about her love life confirmed a few suspicions on how Sheebah is managing that department.

“I chew myself,” said Sheebah

The singer left many of her fans with mixed reactions after she opened up about her love life on social media revealing how she ‘chews herself’.

When a fan asked; “but who’s that nigga chews this lady honestly”, Sheebah then replied: ‘I chew myself. #Selfservice.’

Screenshot of response provided by Blizz Uganda

Sheebah Karungi Opens Up About Her Sex Life | Spurzine

By self-service, we all know what that means. The songstress handles her affairs personally by flickering her bean. It still remains unclear whether, during those personal moments, the bean flickering is done solely in private or in the company of another.

Of course, this is all speculation, and her response may have been as a light joke though, there’s no shame in it. After all, many actually partake in self-service on a daily basis too.


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