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Tinashe Wants All Music Genres Abolished

American singer, Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe has come out to voice her concerns about the abolishment of all music genres, saying it’s the right move towards fighting racial indifferences.

Tinashe has recently been very transparent about her political and cultural beliefs, and this time around she is taking a new stance on music genres which she believes should be abolished now she is calling for the abolishment of music genres.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the singer declared that she believes we need to put an end to genres because some were founded on the basis of race. The genres in question included the likes of urban, R&B, and rap.

“I’m going to go as far as to say we need to abolish genres in general,” she said when asked if the idea of musical genres can be repaired. “I think that the way that many of them came to be and have continued to progress is very much so based on race and the segregation of music based on race.”

She continued, “By putting artists either in an urban category or an R&B category or rap category…these really general umbrellas that we use to define different genres—it creates a huge sense of isolation for the creative when they’re trying to experiment, especially for creatives that don’t necessarily feel like they fall into one of the genres, which was my experience.”

Tinashe believes music genres are based on race and derail progress when it comes to fighting segregation

The R&B artist believes that genres are defined on a racial kind of basis, and are only a standing block when it comes to fighting the already deepened racism issues in America.

Tinashe also described her own experience as a major label R&B artist. “When I first came on the scene, I felt a real aversion to being labelled as like a new R&B girl. Not because I didn’t love R&B, but because I could see, especially within my own label, how different the team operated that was marketing [and] pushing the urban department at the company, and how it was not the same department that was pushing the pop act,” she explained.

“Those were the stages I wanted. That was the radio station I wanted. I always saw myself as like a Z100 artist. I always thought that my material and my music and my art fit into that category already.”

After being signed to RCA Records for seven years, Tinashe parted ways with the label in 2019. She then announced a new management deal with Roc Nation last November and subsequently released her first independent studio album, Songs for You. She marked her return in mid-July with the arrival of her single and music video for “Rascal (Superstar).”

So, what do you think about Tinashe’s idea of abolishing music genres? Do you think it makes sense? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Source: Complex


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