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Weasel Swallows Bryan White’s Money


Bryan White,  a city tycoon and presumed local philanthropist shoved 28 million Uganda shillings down Weasel and Chaga’s throats recently.

Bryan White last week faced a lot of criticism from media and fellow Goodlyfe Crew members after a video surfaced of him treating Weasel like a kid and ordering him around.

This angered the Goodlfye Crew forcing their official manager Chaga to cut off all ties between them and the city tycoon. The group had also earlier announced on Facebook that they had halted their working relationship with  the Bryan White Foundation.

However, reports coming in have revealed that Bryan paid Weasel loads of cash as a sign of an apology so as to smoothen their relationship.

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According to our sources, the two were seen together on Friday ready to launch their new song entitled “Kilimanyi” which features Cindy, King Michael and Weasel. At the launch, they both confirmed they had decided to put their grievances aside.

Bryan White is said to have been at the Goodlyfe house in Makindye for two days where he spent all his time apologising on his knees before unloading huge sums of cash to seal the deal.

Who said money can’t buy friendship?


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