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Nicki Minaj Says Lil Wayne Was the Reason She Had Cosmetic Surgery


American rapper Nicki Minaj in a recent episode of The Joe Budden podcast revealed shocking details behind the reasons why she underwent cosmetic surgery to change the way she looks and you won’t believe whom she named.

According to Nicki, the real reason why she did what she did was because of body-shaming remarks made by fellow rapper Lil Wayne which drove her to take the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery and get herself a Brazilian Butt Lift.

The 40-year-old rapper told her story during the podcast revealing more details about how Lil Wayne often teased her during her younger years for not having enough ‘butt’ like all the other women he had associated with in his career while in the studio which definitely affected Nicki Minaj‘s self-esteem.

Due to the constant teasing, Minaj said that it made her feel inadequate which is why she began to consider getting a butt lift and eventually, she caved in so as to feel a ‘sense of completeness’ she said. She also expressed her remorse for giving in to external pressures and admitted that she even felt out of place even after Lil Wayne brought in women with more curvaceous figures.

Given the fact that Nicki Minaj looked up to Lil Wayne and admired him, his teasing her even hurt more which drove her to seek solace in cosmetic surgery. The rapper also talked about how she had certain beliefs that the Hip-Hop culture demanded women to be curvy and at the same have bigger chests (boobs).

Despite Lil Wayne’s intention of playful banter, Minaj took his comments seriously, unbeknownst to him, and they ultimately influenced her decision to undergo surgery. Though, we are still waiting for the part where personal responsibility comes into the question but let’s not stock the fire.

Watch the full Nicki Minaj & Joe Budden interview:


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