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Will Smith Trends After Dropping Bars on New Rap Song


Will Smith is breaking Twitter as fans go crazy after he uploaded a new video freestyling in studio. Many are claiming Will is back.

Just late last year he realised a club song fused with rap called, “Get Lit” with DJ Jazzy Jeff which was much criticized by the club and house fans whereas it seems the song eluded most of his African American fans.

You can’t help but get goosebumps when a rapper starts with, “20 years of swagger you just witness, let me remind y’all who Will Smith is”.

We have got the feeling that you are going to love this one, so much pop culture reference, talking about his story making it from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, his movie success and featuring across different genres.

Honestly our favourite bit about the song is that the bars are audible and not some autotune, hard to hear noises hiding in loud beats. Did we mention he tells all those spreading rumours about him divorcing with his wife Jada to mind their own business?

He goes on to say that if he threw money up, he would probably kill a stripper – direct blow at all the dawning age rappers who like to “make it rain”.

Will Smith even makes some references to Halle Berry and Rihanna, does this count for endorsement? We are just breathing better he is not going on about Beyonce like all other rappers.

This song might be called, “To the Clique”. We don’t know what got into him, but we definitely loving it and we hope the album coming soon will maintain this heat!

You can watch the preview studio video on Will Smith’s Youtube channel here:

Follow the Trend on Twitter:

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