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Wizkid Endorses Bigtril’s Parte After Parte


Wizkid endorsed Bigtril’s recent hit song Parte After Parte on Twitter sending Bigtril in a frenzy.

Famous Nigerian and international hip-hop artist, Wizkid took to Twitter on Friday and showed the “Parte After Parte” song some love, catching the attention of Big Tril who couldn’t even believe it himself.

Most Ugandan tweeps were in denial as much as even thinking the famous star was talking about a different track or parte all together, but he was talking about Bigtril.

Wizkid Tweets About Parte After Parte | Spurzine

Wizkid’s tweet about Parte After Parte | Spurzine

Indeed, a star maketh a star, a few hours later the next day, Parte After Parte climbed up to the number 3 spot of trending songs in Nigeria on Apple Music and of course, Bigtril shared with us his unimaginable joy of breaking the spell and crossing borders.

The Strikers Entertainment music artist, which is owned by a Nigerian, has been wooed by Nigerians to just shift to Naija because he is now already considered one of their own. Some have as far as told him to pick his passport.

Who knew that a badly self-produced catchy track with so much symbolic meaning yet hated on by so many would grow to be so popular and lift Bigtril Kaiza up from the recent dry spell slump?

We all know that once you break into Nigeria, there’s no turning back. If Bigtril and his Nigerian boss handle this opportunity right, Bigtril will be one of the most successful hiphop artists from Uganda in no time, because bambi, he has talent.

Spurzine and all its cousins wish him nothing but the best, walahi. Weyagale papa, vva kubano ba “omunaku wakuffa.”


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