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Afrobeats Star Naira Marley Arrested In Connection to MohBad’s Death


Mohbad’s mysterious death has brought the hammer of God crushing down with fingers being pointed left and right to who is responsible, and now Naira Marley finds himself in the crosshairs as police have taken him into custody.

Reports came flooding in soon after the Afrobeats star was picked up by the Nigerian police and detained for questioning in connection to the controversial death of fellow music artist MohBad, which led to a public outcry with many grieving the sudden loss of a talented star.

Fans across Nigeria took to the streets to demand justice for the singer’s death calling upon the Nigerian police to take action and start an investigation into the mysterious death of MohBad a month back. There was a lot of outrage with many fans pointing fingers at Naira Marley as the one responsible.

According to reports, Marley became a person of interest in the death of MohBad because the two had split ways after they were no longer seeing eye to eye forcing the deceased singer to leave Naira’s record label, Marlian Records.

Marley, of course, has denied being involved in MohBad’s death and said he had returned from abroad to assist with the investigation though some believe he had something to do with the late singer’s death. In a statement to the BBC, Naira said: “It’s important I do my part for Imole (MohBad). I’ll be meeting with the police with hopes for the truth to be uncovered and for justice to prevail,” he added on X on Tuesday.

In September, MohBad, 27, died at a hospital in the Nigerian city of Lagos but the cause of his death is still unclear. Last week, police said they had taken music promoter Sam Larry into their custody, and he was assisting their investigations. No further details were given.

Marley and MohBad had a bitter fallout last year

MohBad, whose real name was Ilerioluwa Aloba, was quickly buried by his family a day after his death, which triggered concerns among his fans who later took the streets and online to demand justice for his death. The late singer’s father Joseph Aloba told local media that the hasty burial was guided by the culture of the family’s Yoruba ethnic group.

Afrobeats Star Naira Marley Arrested In Connection to MohBad's Death | Spurzine
Naira Marley (left) and MohBad (right).

The father added that the reason why they had to bury MohBad so hurriedly was because according to the Yoruba custom, someone who has passed on and has living parents has to be buried quickly. However, the police exhumed the singer’s body for an autopsy but the results have not yet been released with news expected on 13 October.

Naira Marley is a popular Afrobeats star in Nigeria and was last year described by Apple Music as, “an unmissable fixture in Nigerian pop music”. However, he has been met with a lot of controversy since he has in the past had a few exchanges with law. In 2020, he reached an out-of-court settlement with a man who accused him and his associates of assaulting him and stealing his car. Marley denied the charges.

After a bitter split between Marley and MohBad happened last year, several videos surfaced online in which MohBad had complained that people from Marley’s label had harassed and cheated him out of his royalties. Marley described the claims as “lies” and said that he did not “have a hand in the death of MohBad, either directly or indirectly”.

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