Rihanna has a young girl that looks exactly like her.

Fans Run Wild Over Rihanna Look Alike


Rihanna’s fans are freaking out over a little girl on Instagram that looks exactly like her in every single way. The singer posted the shot of the tiny look-alike on Tuesday, after the photo went viral, saying she “almost drop my phone. How?”

She’s not the only one losing it over the similarities, because Hollywood’s saying OMG too.

“When did u have a baby,” Snoop joked. “Wow?!” Priyanka wrote, while Waithe simply commented, “Whoa.”

Other fans joked that they thought Rihanna used the baby filter on Snapchat. The girl’s mom, who goes by Briaaa on Instagram, shared a touching tribute to the 7-year-old on her birthday and her comments quickly flooded with fans tagging Rihanna and her makeup line.

The photo above was posted on June 16 and has since gained major attention by racking over 32,000 likes. It took all Rihanna’s Army to get the Grammy winning singer to see it, but now that she has, she can’t believe it either.

Picture of girl that looks like a mini version of Rihanna

A young girl that looks like Rihanna.

When you look at the picture, you can easily spot the resemblance between RiRi and her. Fans are losing their minds over the young Instagram fashion icon wearing a daisy two-piece and oversized hat.

The young girl has shares distinct features with Rihanna starting from her straight hair, eyes and that pose which has everyone wondering and surprised.


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