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House Parties Under Threat As UG Police Intensifies Crackdown


Ugandans that have maintained the party goer mood by hosting house parties during the lockdown are facing a new threat as the Uganda Police is going to increase its patrols and crackdown operations against anyone caught throwing parties within the neighbourhood.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango has warned the public to desist from hosting house parties as the country is currently fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Onyango, the Police has received information that individuals around Kampala have been inviting friends at their homes to hold parties.

“We have received intelligence information that there are people who are taking advantage of the curfew; they stock their drinks early and invite their friends for house parties on weekends. Then they leave at 6:30 am to go home,” Onyango said in a tweet.

We’re not sure how the UG Police is going to do this crackdown and whether they will be knocking on people’s doors just to ask why there is loud music playing in their houses. We are yet to see one of the operations in action come this weekend.

Uganda Police to conduct operations and arrest those hosting house parties

Onyango further stated that his police force will conduct operations during the weekend to arrest whoever is found hosting a house party during the lockdown.

“This weekend we are ready for the patrols. No more house parties,” he tweeted.

A few weeks ago, Uganda started to ease down on the quarantine controls that were put in place at the beginning on the coronavirus onset with a few business buildings and services resuming operations while bars, clubs and other entertainment spots remain closed.

Since the bars and clubs remain closed, Ugandans feel its within their power and responsibility to maintain the party going, and are have been holding house parties to keep themselves occupied through this harsh lockdown.

Currently, Uganda has confirmed so far 833 cases of COVID-19, with 761 patients discharged after recovering from the deadly virus that has claimed thousands of lives worldwide. No single COVID-19-related death has been registered in the country so far according to the Ministry of Health.

Source: Matooke Republic


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