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Makerere University Administrator Arrested & Suspended for Eating Student’s Chow

Mr. Edward Kisuze, a senior administrative assistant at Makerere University was arrested and held at Wandegeya Police Station late yesterday (Tuesday evening) for sexually assaulting a Kenyan student.

Edward, also a lecturer and faculty registrar at College of Computing and Information Sciences (CoCiS) landed in hot soup after Njeroge Racheal Njeri took a selfie when he was eating down on her pom pom and she posted it on several social media platforms.

The EASLIS student was in her final year and had gone to collect her transcript before the administrator asked her to let him have a piece of her if she wanted to graduate.


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This all happened as the “bloody Monday” strikes, tear gas and bullets soared on elsewhere in the university. This happens less than 2 months after other cases of sexual assault by a Makerere lecturer were dealt with by the university after victims anonymously came out on a live NBS TV show and the lecturer was fired immediately.

This is a problem at one of the oldest universities in Uganda, many cases have been going by unsolved until last year when students became more bold and clever by setting traps to collect evidence and use social media to whistle blow.

There are still other administrators and lecturers who are lurking in the shadows guilty of similar practices but hopefully if they try to prey on the students again, they will be caught.

Mr. Kisuze was immediately suspended by Makerere University pending further investigations and barred from accessing the Senate building or interacting with any of the university students.

The other question that remains is, are there any male victims too? Can the university effectively curb this vice with the pressure that is building up?

Makerere University Administrator Arrested & Suspended for Eating Student’s Chow 1

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