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Meet the Mouse Trap with Wi-Fi

In this day and age, it seems quite impossible to leave without some kind of network connection. And this has been proven true by the number of things we are connecting to various networks.

The number of smart devices has sky rocketed from smart cars to phones, houses and toys (including the other ones you’re wondering about).

The latest smart device to join the cue is a wireless mouse trap. Now before you go over your head thinking this trap will look for the mice let us break it down for you. The trap is intended to save us time from having to always check if something has finally been caught.

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This device works in conjunction with a standard wooden or plastic wire snap trap style mouse trap.  When set next to the mouse trap, you can get notified wirelessly when the trap has been tripped.

A startup company called Wakefield Technologies is behind this amazing innovation and is trying to raise money for the project so that it can place a large sizable amount for certain product parts.

For the Ugandans that do get a chance to use it, we do hope it doesn’t blow your phone up with notifications due to the many Jerry’s being caught every day.

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