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MUBS Hostel: Baheesi Goes Up In Flames

A MUBS hostel called Baheesi located in Bugolobi known for housing university students caught fire today leaving the entire top roof damaged including other property.

According to reports, no students were injured since most of them were on holiday by the time the hostel caught fire. Witnesses on ground noticed the hostel burning from a distance at the top of the roof which is to believed to be where the fire started from.

A few days ago, a fire gutted an all female students hall, Mary Stuart at Makerere University in Wandegeya. Luckily no one lost their life in the incident.

These recent hostel fires have caused a lot of fear and insecurity among students and parents a like, as they have lost trust in the university’s administration to handle the situation.

A video of Baheesi hostel on fire caught by a witness at the scene

The fire fighters were able to put out the fire but the roof had already caved in causing extensive damage to property.

MUBS Hostel: Baheesi Goes Up In Flames 1

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