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Pastor Bugingo Speaks Out on Burning Bibles

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer ministries located in Makerere, Kikoni, on Easter Monday set thousands of Holy Bibles ablaze as he claimed that they were misleading his congregation.

Bugingo’s followers are said to be consisting of people from all walks of life but the majority of them are campus students that hail from Makerere University and other institutes of higher learning in Wandegeya.

This is what the famous bible burning pastor had to say for his actions,

“We thank God for the Luganda bibles, they are still authentic. There was one that had come up trying to confuse people too in a way that the authors translated the book of Genesis, “Lubereberye” as “Ntandikwa”. These are two different words. “Genesis” and “the Beginning” are two different words. When you read the book of Genesis, you will find this word; In the beginning. So, you cannot use a statement in the story to be the title.”


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“Satan is trying to twist the minds of those that think are learnt. No one is supported to add or remove from the Bible. In your English Bible, it doesn’t have to be “Holy Ghost”, it has to be the “Holy Spirit”. We serve a God who is so far apart from the Kingdom of Satan. There is no word used by Satan that is used by God.” He added.

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