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Man-U’s Legend Ryan Giggs Admits to Being a Serious Womaniser


One of Manchester United’s most decorated players of all time, Ryan Giggs admitted on Tuesday to being a serious womaniser and also being very unfaithful in all his past romantic relationships during this week’s trial in court.

Ryan Giggs is currently on trial at the Manchester Crown Court over claims of being violent towards his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville and other previous lovers. However, Giggs denied being violent towards his partners even after evidence over charges of assault and coercive control were presented.

According to reports, Ryan Giggs is said to have subjected 36-year-old Greville to a “litany of abuse, both physical and psychological” which included headbutting her in the face as she tried to end their relationship. Yes, you read that right, headbutting.

Who knew Giggs would use his footballer skills as a form of violence more so headbutting which is perfect for putting goals behind the net not bashing other people’s skulls in 😂 😂.

Anyway, while taking the stand for the first time in his week-old trial, the football legend denied physically assaulting former partner, PR agent Kate Greville, nearly two years ago or controlling her during their rocky years-long relationship.

But here’s where things get really interesting. While under questioning from his own lawyer, the 48-year-old admitted to a lifetime of infidelity, agreeing that he was “a flirt by nature” and unable to “resist” pursuing attractive women despite being married or in a relationship.

Well, if he is going to deny the assault claims, he might as well at least accept he was a serious cheat. Well played Ryan Giggs. Well played 😂.

What happens next after Ryan Giggs admitted to lifelong infidelity in court testimony?

The former coach of the Wales national team, whose career has been upended by the charges, faces a five-year jail term if convicted.

As the prosecution rested its case Tuesday morning, jurors heard details from a hand-written prepared statement he gave to police after he was arrested on suspicion of assaulting Greville and her sister, Emma, in November 2020.

In it, he described a tussle between the trio over a mobile phone during which Giggs said he “may have caught her and her sister”. “But at no time was there any attempt to harm either of them,” the statement added.

Giggs said the pair’s more than four-year relationship — which began while he was married to the mother of his two children — had its “ups and downs”.

“Despite allegations of violence, I often walk away from incidents,” the former footballer insisted in the police statement, adding: “I would never react with violence”.

He also told officers in another later statement, which was also read in court: “I will not accept that my behaviour towards my former partner has been in any way controlling or coercive”. He also denied threatening to release certain images or videos of Greville in a bid to emotionally blackmail her.

He told the court he had “never” shared any private photos or videos, insisting that he would never share such material. The trial continues Wednesday.

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