Tina Knowles Fights with Jennifer Hudson 1
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Tina Knowles Fights with Jennifer Hudson

A silly meaningless fight broke out between Beyonce’s mom and Jennifer Hudson when she clicked ‘like’ on a hater’s comment which was on video showing Jennifer & her daughter singing.

Tina Knowles was scrolling through Instagram when she came across a video of her daughter and Jennifer Hudson singing a Dreamgirls song. While watching the video and looking at the photos, the 62-year-old Knowles liked a comment that said Jennifer sounded awful.

The fans then went on a rampage and made drama out of it causing negative black lash at Tina. E News reported on the drama saying she didn’t mean it and decided to take a break from social media altogether.

This is what we call a misfire gone wrong and maybe next time it may even be more dramatic and fun.

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Tina Knowles Fights with Jennifer Hudson 2

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