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Uganda’s Anti-narcotics Arrests 4 Suspects for Supplying Drug-laced Cookies and Pancakes


The Ugandan police anti-narcotics department made a major arrest yesterday after it announced that it had taken into custody four suspects alleged to be involved in the selling and distribution of drug-laced cookies, pancakes, and other snacks to students in high schools.

According to the Matooke Republic, the four suspects include Matsanga Racheal, Kasozi Suleiman, Ayo Joshua, and Mbamazi Jovia, who were operating from Kungu in Kiira Division and delivering supplies in Bugolobi, Kulambiro, and Kira areas.

The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said that the arrest was carried out after one of the high schools suspended 10 students, who ordered the drug-laced cookies and consumed them during a school party. “They claimed the drug-laced cookies made them “go-high” and further enabled them to enjoy the party to the maximum.

The school recovered the drug-laced cookies and immediately suspended the 10 students, who were involved in the scandal,” said Enanga. He further revealed that the school management further cooperated with the police, which led to the arrest of the bodaboda rider who delivered the laced snacks to schools.

Anti-narcotics arrests 4 suspects for supplying drug-laced foodstuffs to students

“The packages recovered were found with labels that are similar to other snack items in shops, thus making it difficult for young teenagers in school to tell the difference, until when they eat the snacks,” he said.

Enanga urged school administrators, parents, and guardians to stay vigilant and keep a close eye on children and what they consume.

The suspects are to be charged with drug trafficking charges for allegedly selling edibles and snacks laced with marijuana said the Uganda anti-narcotics department.


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