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Vampire Bats Now Feasting On Humans

Vampire bats have started to enjoy human blood according to a report journal by Acta Chiropterolgica. As a result of human encroachment on the environment, many animal species have been affected negatively and some have adopted to these recent changes in order to survive.

Researchers say the hairy-legged vampire bat which is called “Ekinyira” in Uganda has adapted surprisingly fast from drinking the blood of birds to that of humans to survive, reports the Telegraph.

Scientists at the colony in Catimbau National Park in Brazil, report that they extracted DNA from 15 samples of feces and discovered human blood in three of them.

“We were quite surprised,” says one researcher to the New Scientist“they are adapting to their environment.” Vampire bats have evolved to processing bird blood, which is higher in fat than mammalian blood.

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Vampire bats are suspected to be entering bedrooms and homes through open windows and holes in roofs so as feast on humans

Vampire Bats Now Feasting On Humans - Spur Magazine
At night, vampire bats emerge from dark caves, mines, and abandoned buildings – National Geographic

Since we have increased the number of trees we cut down, the main source of food for these bats is dying off so they’ve even been found to fast and starve when only pig and goat blood is available.

According to the research team, the vampire bats will be expected to feast at night, entering bedrooms and homes through open windows and holes in roofs. They will then go ahead to feast on human blood in order to survive.

The researchers say it’s time to monitor them since they can spread diseases like Rabies and Hanta virus.

For those worried about turning into a vampire after being bitten by one of these bats should sleep in tents instead. Its a joke, no need for panic just take precaution.

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