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Former Chelsea Star Ashley Cole Attacked by Gang


Former Arsenal and Chelsea star Ashley Cole was attacked by a gang of masked robbers at his home. The masked group stole expensive items of jewelry during attack in early January.

The 39-year-old described the experience as ‘terrifying’ as the masked robbers broke into his mansion taking mostly expensive jewelry.

The individuals in question were said to be wearing balaclavas and camouflaged clothes when they broke into the football star’s mansion by accessing the rear of the building.

According to source on scene: “It was a terrifying experience. The robbers sounded very professional and knew exactly what they were doing. They must have deliberately targeted Ashley and cased the place in advance.”

Some sources also claim that Cole was threatened and tied to chair during the raid but this is currently unproven, reports the Sun.

Ashley Cole mansion was raided by professional masked robbers according to sources

Ashley Cole was left “extremely shaken” and unharmed after the incident. According to reports, the house of the former England left-back was attacked at 9.45pm on January 21 in Fetcham, Surrey with police still hunting the gang behind the hit.

Several neighbours confirmed that they had been quizzed by the police regarding the robbery.

One said: “Police seemed to be taking it extremely seriously and we’ve been on edge ever since. Ashley Cole is one of the most high-profile people around here and his property looks very modern and secure, so whoever did this must have been clued up.

“People who know him are quite protective and it’s an area where everyone values their privacy so this has shaken us up quite a bit.

“The police didn’t name Ashley Cole when they questioned us but everyone around here knows it was his home that was targeted. It must have been terrifying.”

While another said: “It happened a while back and the police seemed to want to keep it under wraps. They asked us not to talk about it.

Surrey Police have said: “Our investigation remains ongoing following an aggravated burglary in Fetcham on 21 January.

Source: Mirror


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