Arsenal Left Licking It's Wounds After Brighton Claim Crucial Win | Spurzine

Arsenal Left Licking It’s Wounds After Brighton Claim Crucial Win


Just right after Manchester City had dug a hole for Arsenal on Wednesday night, the team again today lost to Brighton in a crucial match leaving them with no points as the home team took all three while at the American Express Community Stadium.

This is a match where Arsenal had to give its whole to remain as a competitive team in the league but they dropped the ball and Mikel Arteta feels the same way too. It wasn’t the right time for the Gunners to slip and this is going to hit the fans and players hard.

As the Premier League resumes after a long break due to the ongoing coronavirus that has rocked the world all over, one has to wonder whether Arsenal still has the mantle to compete on an international level, especially at the European scene.

The Brighton defeat is definitely a major blow to the Gunners race to compete in Europe, and Arteta must be filling the pressure right about now since the English league is known for sacking coaches left and right. But truthfully speaking, it may not the coaches fault but the players themselves.

Brighton player, Neal Maupay had this to say after the match according to The Guardian: “It’s our first win of the year and I’m so happy for the team… At half-time, I went to Mikel Arteta to apologise, because I never meant to injure their keeper. I just jumped to get the ball may be, and when he landed he twisted his knee. I have been through a bad injury myself and I never meant to hurt him.”

“Some of the Arsenal players need to learn a bit of humility. They were talking a lot in the first half, and in the second half, they got what they deserved. Until the keeper gets to the ball, you never know what could happen, so I just went to get the ball. I think it was shoulder against shoulder – it’s football, and there was contact. I never meant to hurt him and I’m really sorry he was injured.”

Arsenal Left Licking It's Wounds After Brighton Claim Crucial Win | Spurzine

Arsenal’s goalkeeper Bernd Leno points the finger at Neal Maupay while being carried off. Photograph: Mike Hewitt/NMC/GETTY IMAGES POOL/EPA

Brighton player Neal Maupay says Arsenal players need to learn a bit of humility

Arsenal’s keeper Bernd Leno was injured after Neal Maupay injured him during the match after they made contact with one another during the game. Maupay has gone ahead to apologise but also calls upon the Arsenal players to have some bit for humility.

Arsenal had taken the lead in the game after Nicolas Pépé delivered a marvellous goal midway through the second half after displaying some good authority on the pitch most of the afternoon. However, Brighton didn’t give up all hope and continued to push forward and before they knew it, they equalised quickly after Lewis Dunk sunk in a goal and later on Maupay nailed the final blow with the second.

Maupay’s challenge against Leno caused a rift among Arsenal players as they were seen during the match exchanging a few words with the Brighton player Maupay at full-time, with Mattéo Guendouzi one of the few keen on making his point and views heard as he appeared to grab Maupay’s throat.

Arsenal Left Licking It's Wounds After Brighton Claim Crucial Win | Spurzine

Neal Maupay facing against Arsenal players after a challenge against their keeper Bernd Leno. | Spurzine

With injuries at Arsenal continuing to rise, Arteta is worried about how the team is going to face against teams in the upcoming matches as they try to salvage their remaining games this season.

Today was the day for Brighton to shine, and they did it well as they took on Arsenal this afternoon despite the controversies that rocked the entire match over the Leno’s injury. It’s high time the Gunners made some serious changes to their tactics and Arteta has a long road ahead of him before he begins to regain the glory the team once enjoyed.


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