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Jose Mourinho Heads To Tottenham Hotspur

Jose Mourinho is heading to Tottenham Hotspur as the new head coach according to the announcement made by the English football club.

The Portuguese coach will replace Mauricio Pochettino, who was fired Tuesday just six months after leading the Tottenham Hotspur to the Champions League final.

According to Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, “In Jose we have one of the most successful managers in football. He has a wealth of experience, can inspire teams and is a great tactician. He has won honors at every club he has coached. We believe he will bring energy and belief to the dressing room,”.

Mourinho has become a ‘travelling manager’ when you look the number of times he has switched head coach positions in the last few years. Ever since he’s departure from Chelsea, he has taken on different manager roles like a lady changing mini skirts.

This is Jose Mourinho’s third role as manager at an English Premier League club. Before heading to Hotspur, he was the long time manager for Chelsea taking on the job twice before leaving for Manchester United recently.

The experienced Portuguese also managed FC Porto and Inter Milan leading both clubs to success in the Champions League as well as Real Madrid, where he won the league title and the Copa del Rey.

According to the club statement released today;

“I am excited to be joining a club with such a great heritage and such passionate supporters,” Mourinho said in a statement supplied by the club. “The quality in both the squad and the academy excites me. Working with these players is what has attracted me.”

Jose Mourinho has some big shoes to fill after Mauricio Pochettino’s departure

Mauricio Pochettino while at Tottenham, was able to lead the team on a remarkable run for the Championship League title last season before losing to Liverpool in Madrid in a 2-0 final.

The Argentine manager since 2014, was able to guide Spurs on a series of Champions League games leading it to regularly qualify for the prestigious league during his tenure.

However, despite his past achievements Spurs has had a hard time this season only managing to take just 14 points from 12 league games and now has fallen to the 14th position.

It was also knocked out of the League Cup by League Two team Colchester United and lost to Bayern Munich 7-2 in a Champions League group game. The season hasn’t been great for Tottenham which led to management seeking a replacement for Pochettino.

“Mauricio and his coaching staff will always be part of our history. I have the utmost admiration for the manner in which he dealt with the difficult times away from a home ground whilst we built the new stadium and for the warmth and positivity he brought to us,” Levy said.

“I should like to thank him and his coaching staff for all they have contributed. They will always be welcome here.”

Source: CNN


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