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Real Madrid Has Its Eye On English Winger Jadon Sancho


The 20-year-old English winger, Jadon Sancho is gathering a lot of interest from top clubs around the world with Manchester United and Real Madrid looking to seal a deal with the young football star.

Real Madrid is currently looking for fresh and young players to add to its squad and build the next top team, and it seems like their strategy is to pick up promising players like Jadon Sancho before other clubs snatch him.

Jadon Sancho is a young and talented right-winger, who is able to bring fear into the defences of clubs with his speed and attacking power. He is also considered to be the next best player along with Erling Haaland who have bright futures ahead of them.

This season alone, Sancho has been able to net in 20 goals and 20 assists (17 and 17 in the Bundesliga), proving that he is more than capable which is why he’s name is now all over the place with his market value well above €100 million.

If all goes well, Jadon Sancho may find himself at Real Madrid

Since Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund have a close relationship with one another and are often caught in between play transfer deals, Sancho could find himself on the other side anytime soon if the deal is set right.

We also have to account for Jadon’s possible response on the matter, and whether he has the interest to join Real after playing for three seasons with Dortmund.

Other top clubs like Machester United already have their eyes set on the young English winger and see him as their next Cristiano Ronaldo. Since the departure of the Portuguese player from United in 2009, Man U still feels they’re lacking that special ingredient to get the team back to its glory days.

Solskjaer’s plan is to partner Sancho with Marcus Rashford, another exciting young player and hopes he could win the young talent’s heart over to Old Trafford. In February, the Red Devils offered €140 million for Sancho but Dortmund rejected the offer.

However, Real Madrid seems to be planning something big for Sancho, and hope to land the star at their side for a longer period come 2021 as one of their major signings.

Source: AS Diario


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