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Romelu Lukaku Could Leave Manchester United Next Season


Manchester United has had a dramatic season with a few wins and loses piling day in and out, not forgetting a big change in their club managers in the previous months and now it has come to our attention that Romelu Lukaku plans to leave the team by next season.

This is not a surprise as the striker has struggled to be a first choice under Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s campaign leaving him frustrated though he did start on Sunday’s game that ended with a 1-1 draw against Chelsea at Old Trafford.

Lukaku signed from Everton two years ago for £75m (UGX 362,328,917,751) and his contract expires in July 2021. According to the Guardian, the player plans to exit if Man U fails to qualify for the Champions League. However, as things stand, the team is 3 points behind Chelsea which is standing in the 4th position with a higher goal difference having two games left. The chances of them making the cut are quite slim.

When Lukaku was asked whether he would stay at the club, said: “I don’t know, I am not here to entertain rumours. I am still under contract.”

Despite having faced a grueling season, the team hasn’t fully given up yet and has two games left with one at Huddersfield Town on Sunday and the other at Cardiff City a week later.


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