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The Best 5 Mobile Games That Let You Win Real Money


Mobile games have been gaining so much traction – so much so that new types of games keep popping up here and there. Many gamers play mobile games to de-stress from the quick pace of our daily lives. After all, there’s no better feeling for gamers than to play their favourite game after a long, tiring day.

There’s one type of game that’s been stealing all the spotlight: play-to-earn games. Yes, you heard it correctly. Playing games is now one way to increase your income streams. It’s perfect for gamers with a financial mindset. And the best part? You get to have fun at the same time!

There are different types of mobile games that cater to every gamer. Whether you’re a fan of pool or bingo, there’s a game just for you! But enough beating around the bush, we know there’s one thing you came here for – and that’s the list of the best mobile games that can help you earn money.

While more and more games are now being released, it can be difficult to discern which games reward you with real money. Here are your best options for mobile games that allow you to earn real money:

Blackout Bingo

If you fancy a game of bingo, then you don’t have to look any further on the App Store and Play Store. Boasting a rating of 4.5 out of 5, it’s safe to say that the users of Blackout Bingo are satisfied with the game. On top of that, it’s free! You can play Blackout Bingo with the help of z coins (the in-game currency) or bonus cash.

It’s worth noting that using bonus cash requires you to deposit actual money into your account, but using this form of payment typically comes with bigger rewards. And, it gets easier to earn, too. There are different modes to choose from. You have practice, head-to-head, and other event modes.

When you’re matched with another player, they’ll often have a similar skill level as you so you have a fair chance of winning. But before playing, it’s helpful to know that online gambling, such as bingo, is illegal in some states. Be sure to check your local regulations before you play a game of Blackout Bingo.

Solitaire Cube

For avid solitaire players, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a solitaire game that you can play while earning money simultaneously. This game is also under the platform Skillz, where you can also find Blackout Bingo. A game of solitaire can be played with real players to earn cash from ten dollars up to the thousands.

Know that these games are fast-paced, giving you a chance to earn money more quickly. And for Android users, it’s good to know that the version on Google Play does not allow you to earn real money. A workaround is downloading through the website or Galaxy Store.

To earn money, you’ll need to deposit real money to play in the Pro League. These tournaments can get extremely competitive with a large pool of players looking to participate, so it’s best to be on your A-game.

If you’re on the fence about depositing some money to play the game, it’s helpful to know that you receive a bonus for signing up and making your first deposit. That means that if you deposit twenty dollars, you’d receive an additional twenty dollars. Some tempting deals come up now and then, so it’s best to keep your eyes peeled for these bonuses.

Dominoes Gold

Whether you’re the type to play casual or more serious games, then Dominoes Gold might just be an excellent choice. Like the other options on this list, it’s free to play, but you’ll need to deposit actual money to increase your chances of gaining rewards. Each tour while you won’t exactly be gaining big bucks when playing for free, can come in handy when you need some pocket money.

Pool Payday

5 Best Mobile Games That Let You Win Real Money | Spurzine

Pool Payday game.

Another game that you can consider playing is Pool Payday – a 3D pool game that allows you to play with other gamers, in real-time. For the competitive ones, some leaderboards allow you to see how you fare against other players. Winners are rewarded not only with trophies but real money as well.

On top of all of that, there’s a rewards program for loyal players, too! It’s easy to see why many players keep coming back to playing this mobile pool game because it has everything you look for in a play-to-earn game.

Fruit Frenzy

A game reminiscent of famous games like Candy Crush is Fruit Frenzy. All you have to do is match pairs of fruits and whoever scores the highest points wins the tournament. Similar to the other games, there are different in-game currencies that you can earn: tickets, bonus cash, cash, and gold stars. By winning some games and collecting your daily rewards, you can earn tickets.

Don’t confuse bonus cash and cash as these are two different currencies. Bonus cash can be earned by winning certain games and referring your friends – this isn’t equivalent to real cash, but it can be used to play cash tournaments. The cash you’re looking for can be earned in cash tournaments, where you can use the bonus cash to participate. And lastly, gold stars are earned by winning all kinds of tournaments. The more gold stars you get, the higher chances of your winning cash rewards from the prize pool.

The Takeaway

While you certainly won’t be an overnight millionaire, playing mobile games can be an easy way to earn quick money. You get the best of both worlds by playing and earning all at the same time. So keep an eye out on these mobile games – who knows, you might be the winner of their biggest cash prize.


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